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things to do in sidi kaouki and around

Endless possibilities for everyone


things to do in sidi kaouki and around

Endless possibilities for everyone

things to do IN SIDI KAOUKI



If you are looking for surf, kite-surf, stand-up paddle (SUP) lessons, equipement rental or surf guiding, Mogasurf is  a serious and talented team to enjoy the waves of Sidi Kaouki. Run by local F-one Pro-Rider Ismail Adarzane, they are based in the village and can offer you different packages and deals to ensure you the best of surfing in the region of Essaouira.   Depending on the conditions, they will bring you to the best spots around! You can also rent your equipment at Mogasurf and keep it at the hotel for the during of your stay so you are ready whenever the conditions are good! 


You always wanted to surf? Sidi Kaouki's beach is known since many years as a great spot to learn surf...and the beach is 50 meters away from the hotel. No reason not to give it a try! In the village you will find many surf shops that offer surf lessons and equipment rental. You will find a large variety of boards and wetsuits for surfing, kite-surfing and wind surfing! 

At the Blue Kaouki Hotel, we are fully equipped to welcome you with our board rack, our rinsing gear area and wetsuit hanging corner. On the rooftop, you will have a view on different spots while taking your coffee in the morning! Nothing better!   



Horse and camel Riding

In Sidi Kaouki, a horse or camel ride is a must! You will find all the cavaliers on the beach kindly waiting to make you discover the area! Ride on the long beach or do a tour around in the forest. Many itineraries are possible! Prices for an hour camel ride is 80dh and for an hour horse ride is 120dh. 



From the hotel, many walks are possible around. An endless beach on the left of the hotel that brings you to the "Oued". Oued means river in arabic and on season you can observe Pink Flamingos. At the right, you can start a journey on the beach before heading to Cap Sim and the beautiful sand dunes that are melting in the ocean.  You can also walk up the hill and discover the berber village and the forest of argan trees.





On the Beach, you can rent quad for an hour, half-day or full day! You have the option to go alone or with a guide that will make a tour in the region. Fly with your quad on the beach and enjoy the scenery!




Feeling more to relax? Our rooftop is the place for it! Completely private, enjoy some sunbathing or read a book in a quiet place! On the beach you will find transats and umbrellas for a perfect relaxing day at the beach. 

At the hotel, we have a massage table so we can organise a massage session for you with one of our partners here in the area. For this service, you will need to book in advance (one day minimum).

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Moroccan and international cuisine & fish!


Moroccan and international cuisine & fish!

MIAM MIAM! Sidi Kaouki's is full of little restaurants open all day long for food lovers! You will find tasty moroccan food, international cuisine and great fresh fish and seafood!

The "kiosqueS"

When you arrive in Sidi Kaouki, you will find what we call in french "Les Kiosques". It's a square with around 6 restaurants! You will find a great choice of menus from tajines to couscous to fresh grilled fish and more!


Chez iziki

Traditionnal Moroccan food, Chez Iziki is a great place to eat all the grilled fish you want and more.  On Friday, don't miss the Couscous!


La trattoria

La Trattoria is one of our favorite places to eat great italian food but also moroccan dishes. For a great coffee this is the best place in the village! 

Other restaurants in Sidi Kaouki!

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Al-Vent is a unique little restaurant with a nice ambiance and cozy atmosphere! Fish is bought each day from the local fishermen and food prepared freshly. During the day, enjoy a coffee or a tea in front of the ocean. Visit their Facebook Page for more information!

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Run by a French Chef, la Pergola is your option for a charming table at night. There you find French-Moroccan cuisine in a nice atmosphere with a fireplace.


Essaouira and around

All the activites you can do around Sidi Kaouki!

Essaouira and around

All the activites you can do around Sidi Kaouki!


our good adresses in Essaouira!


Essaouira is one of the greatest cities of Morocco and only 20km from Sidi Kaouki! A great day trip to discover the old medina, the port and many trendy shops, restaurants and cafés.  A city that has always attracted musicians and artists. The Medina of Essaouira is also a Unesco World Heritage Site. 

Visit Made In Essaouira for more information!


Gipsy Surfer

Since more than 15 years, Gipsy Surfer is the surf reference in Essaouira. You can find clothes and apparel and all you need for your surf trips! Visit their website!


Medina boutique is a friendly store where you can find locally designed clothes. Jewelry as well. A good adress and friendly people! Visit their Facebook page!


Histoire de Filles

Located in the Medina, this is one of the most trendy shops in Essaouira. A great concept store with creation of moroccan designers. Visit their Facebook Page!


Caravane Café

Art gallerie and  café-restaurant located in an old Riad. Good food, good art!  Visit their website!


Océan Vagabond

Located by the beach, Océan Vagabond is a good spot to have a drink while looking at the sea. A good menu and chill atmosphere. Visit their website!



At "La place de l'horloge", Sahakfé is a quiet place to take a break in the medina and enjoy fresh daily meals and freshly squeezed fruit juice. Visit their Facebook Page!



Iftane is a small hidden beach situated South of Sidi Kaouki. It is around 30km from the hotel. There, you will have an amazing view and a quiet beach. To get there, you will need a 4x4 as the track is a bit hard for normal cars but it's worth it! On the way, you will pass in small berber villages and you will feel in the middle of nowhere! A great experience!



Tafedna is a fishermen's village located 40km South of Sidi Kaouki!  It is a long beach where dozens of little wooden fisherman's boats are waiting to get into the ocean or returning from a journey catching fish. Simple and small restaurants will grill the catch of the day for you!


Imsouane is around 90km South of Sidi Kaouki. A great village located on the bottom of a big cliff. The Bay of Imsouane is a great place to surf and you will find many surf shops and restaurants around! 


Visit the Souks! 

The souk of Had Dra is one of the biggest of the region. Taking place each Sunday, get a culture shock as you will see many things you haven't seen before! It is around 1 hour drive from Sidi Kaouki!

The souk of "the old things" is taking place in Essaouira each Sunday morning. You will find many second hand objects and clothes! A good idea to save some money and get some vintage objects!

The souk of Smimou is also taking place on Sundays! Around 30 minutes drive from the hotel.

The souk of Ida Ougourd is taking place on Wednesday's. Discover this beautiful berber village. Around 30 minutes drive from the hotel!

And at the end of your day trip...

Enjoy a nice sunset on our terrace to relax!

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